Supramolecular Nanorings for Exploring Quantum Interference

Lead Research Organisation: University of Liverpool


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Description We have achieved enhanced understanding of charge flow through porphyrin molecular wires. This includes the unique discovery of bias voltage driven conductance increases with length in porphyrin tapes. We have detected mechanochemical atropisomerization within an STM break junction containing porphyrin molecular wires. We have extended single molecule conductance measurements to supra-molecular assemblies including porphyrin nano-rings synthesised by our collaborators. Our collaborating partner has also demonstrated quantum interference in porphyrin nanorings through EPR measurements. In addition, we have studied quantum interference effects in other conjugated systems, such as how cross-conjugation increases the conductance of meta-connected fluorenones and the unusual length dependence of the conductance in cumulene molecular wires.
Exploitation Route This project is providing insights into quantum interference which may be valuable in the field of nano-electronic devices and molecular electronics.
Sectors Chemicals,Education,Electronics

Description University of Madrid 
Organisation Autonomous University of Madrid
Country Spain 
Sector Academic/University 
PI Contribution Collaboration in single molecule electronics
Collaborator Contribution Collaboration in single molecule electronics
Impact Publications in preparation.
Start Year 2015