Indo-UK Civil Nuclear Network

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: Dept of Mechanical Engineering


Both India and the United Kingdom have extensive civil nuclear power programmes. Recognising this, the two governments have, over the last few years, been supporting a series of joint nuclear science and engineering research activities. The intent of this is for both nations to gain, via "the whole being more than the sum of the parts". This particular "Network" project is a part of this, and is intended to foster and facilitate interactions between United Kingdom participants, to help ensure that the United Kingdom gains the fullest value it can value its investment in this activity.

Planned Impact

Impact from the network grant will be achieved by the successful implementation of the planned activities, including:-

-the collating and disseminating of the factual information for the benefit of other researchers

-the soliciting and disseminating of the more qualitative information about how existing grants operate, and what seems to be best practice

-the hosting of the various networking events, in particular the annual conference-style meetings, and the annual smaller "closed" meetings of investigators.

In addition, impact will be achieved by the development and promotion of a dedicated website for the Indo-United Kingdom civil nuclear activity, and by the distribution of both Annual Reports and Newsletters. This distribution will go well beyond just the Indo-United Kingdom participants, to include a wide circle of industry and government, besides a wider academic catchment.


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