Equipment to support Nottingham's Research Fellows

Lead Research Organisation: University of Nottingham
Department Name: Research and Innovation


Nottingham will use this award to develop provision of world class laboratories through an internal call, focused on EPSRC remit Nottingham Research and Anne McLaren Fellows.

These internally supported fellowship schemes attract researchers of the highest quality and are integral to delivery of our Research Strategy. As such items highlighted by our fellows will be aligned to the development of ambitious research programmes by researchers with the flexibility and support to maximise their impact.

We will in particular focus on items that will develop the research capacity of our early career researchers more broadly.

As well as the support offered through our fellowship programme the delivery of any awards made will be supervised by Nottingham's Facilities and Equipment Management committee to ensure they are operated so as to maximise research efficiency and sustainability, openly accessible as appropriate.

Planned Impact

The primary beneficiaries will be the academics who are able to access new research capabilities.

Broader, non-academic impact will be assured through the involvement of our central business engagement and knowledge exchage teams who will work with award recipients to ensure that any equipment is supported by our broader impact and impact acceleration activities.


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