Computational spectral imaging in the THz band

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: Sch of Engineering


Passive imaging in the THz electromagnetic band has long promised to revolutionise security imaging and remote chemical fingerprinting. However, the development of passive THz cameras has been hampered by the sensitivity and impracticality of pixelated sensors in this spectral region. Today, a new wave of computational imaging techniques is revolutionizing how cameras are constructed, and the THz domain is the most pressing region in which to apply them. Using these computational approaches, we will create a new class of passive and multispectral THz imaging systems. To achieve this we will integrate sensitive, single-element detectors with efficient THz spatial light modulation and cutting-edge computational imaging techniques. We will implement hybrid few-pixel computational imaging systems, with multiple sensors deployed to enhance frame-rate, resolution and spectral discrimination. Together, these technologies will enable us to develop passive, hyper-spectral THz cameras that are orders of magnitude more efficient than existing THz imaging systems, representing a leap forward in stand-off security imaging.


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