Future-proofing SEM excellence at the University of Bath

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bath
Department Name: Vice Chancellor's Office


This instrument is a strategic priority for replacement and upgrade in the Material and Chemical Characterisation (MC2) Core Research Facility, used by Bath researchers across the EPSRC remit. The instrumentation will replace existing aged equipment, and significantly enhance the capabilities of the techniques, with a resulting step-change for the characterisation of samples across our research portfolio. Building on Bath's proven track record of managing research infrastructure, we anticipate long-term sustainability of the proposed instrument and high levels of usage, with a user base spanning undergraduates, PhDs, ECRs and EPSRC research leaders alike. The requested instruments align with University of Bath strategic priorities, the EPSRC World Class Labs vision, and all three of the investment objectives of this call: Underpinning Multi-user Equipment, Co-location of Equipment and Invest to Save.

Planned Impact

The principal aim of this proposal is to invest in scientific instrumentation required to further the excellent research of many researchers at the University of Bath; a key outcome will be the training of the next generation of scientists who will develop skills on cutting-edge equipment critical to world-leading engineering and physical sciences research.
Positioning the SEM-EDX array in a Core Research Facility will enable access for a wider academic and research student community within Bath, as well as the external academic and industrial partners who engage with our research.
Through the diverse research programmes benefiting from access to the SEM-EDX, we will develop societal and economic impact across a wide range of technology areas, including, but not limited to, the transformative healthcare movement, developing new electronic devices, solar energy harvesting, techniques in water desalination, advanced sensing and energy storage.

We will use our established strong industrial collaborations, as well as seek to develop new ones, for the cutting-edge SEM-EDX capability, which will be housed in the existing, well-managed MC2 facility. To deliver the impacts, we will disseminate the research findings by engaging with a broad range of stakeholders and end users from industry to government. We will showcase our research through appropriate channels, including open days, seminars, publications and commercialisation of our findings.


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