AI and Data Science for Engineering, Health, and Government - Strategic Priorities Fund

Lead Research Organisation: The Alan Turing Institute
Department Name: Research


Technologies defining Artificial Intelligence (AI), and therefore, research in these technologies of AI, will be an all-pervading underpinning of future development in many sectors.

The last decade has seen a dramatic rise in computer power, an explosion in data, and scientific break-throughs. Together, these advances have led to the emergence of data science and the resurgence of AI - 'machines that think', as imagined in Alan Turing's landmark research paper published in 1950. The role of the Alan Turing Institute (the Turing) is to foster these sciences and grow them in order to change the world for the better. The Turing was established by EPSRC in response to a letter to the Prime Minister from the Council for Science and Technology entitled 'The Age of Algorithms' which recommended that 'The Government, working with the universities and industry, should create a National Centre to promote advanced research and translational work in algorithms and the application of data science'.

The AI for Science and Government programme proposes an integrated programme in AI and data science to transform engineering through digital twins; data-driven health through delivering personalised medicine with early disease detection and machine-learning based diagnosis; physical and life sciences, by applying AI to experiment outputs; and government through data-linking for policy development, particularly through the criminal justice system.

The research programme is aligned with the Industrial Strategy, in particular the AI Grand Challenge to put the UK at the forefront of the AI and data revolution, the first mission of which is to make use of data, AI and innovation to transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of diseases by 2030.


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