EPSRC Core Equipment Call 2022 - Cranfield University

Lead Research Organisation: CRANFIELD UNIVERSITY
Department Name: School of Water, Energy and Environment


The equipment requested in this grant will provide enhanced underpinning capabilities which will support researchers in a range of research areas across Cranfield and beyond. We are requesting:

1. Gas concentration analyser

This gas analyser will provide portable, simultaneous, precise measurements of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ammonia, and water gas concentrations at parts-per-million to parts-per-billion sensitivities. It is designed for detecting rapid system responses and continuous measurements of emissions across a range of systems. It will complement our existing instrument capabilities, including automated, multiplexed chambers for gas sampling and flux measurements. Real-time analysis of the fluxes of these gases would greatly enhance our ability to undertake measurements of trace greenhouse gas emissions and quantify processes across a range of engineered and natural systems.

2. Upgrade of collaborative robotic environment:

-Two robotic manipulators and mounting hardware

-Automated mobile robot

-Computer control hardware

These pieces of equipment will be used to renew and update the collaborative robotics research infrastructure in the Centre for Robotics and Assembly. The vision of the Centre is that we must remove barriers between people and automation and seamlessly integrate them to create a next generation of manufacturing that maximises the interplay between robots and people. The equipment items will work together as part of an integrated 'cell', where the interaction of humans with robots can be studied. The upgrade will not only provide much more up-to-date hardware but will also significantly enhance capability at Cranfield, building on our leading position in understanding the impact of human-robot collaboration on the human.


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