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Lead Research Organisation: Durham University
Department Name: Student Financial Support


As a Russell Group member Durham University has at the heart of its mission the generation of outstanding academic research, which feeds into Durham's externally recognised teaching excellence at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Durham is currently 61st in the QS world rankings (70th in THES) and 54th for research citations and research excellence which strengthens this institutional profile. All EPSRC supported departments, including Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Engineering, provide a significant contribution to the position with exceptionally high ranking on publications and citations. In the most recent REF Chemistry (5th) and Physics (9th) were both in the top ten departments, and all EPSRC funded departments are ranked in the top 22 Universities in the UK. Research in these departments covers both "blue sky" driven ideas as well as applied research in close collaboration with a range of companies both multinational (P&G, BG, BP, GSK) and SMEs (local and around the UK).

A significant number of PhD places are funded through the EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). This is funding awarded to the University as a result of the research support won competitively from EPSRC. The funding is distributed internally to departments who advertise these PhD positions through departmental and external websites (e.g. findaphd, jobs.ac.uk). Typically these are advertised in early November though typically positions are available throughout the year (in particular places linked to industry). Anyone interested in undertaking a PhD in Durham, even if a position is not currently advertised, is advised to contact a department and potential supervisors directly. Training for students is provided both in terms of their PhD specialism and generic training such as project management, academic writing, and entrepreneurship. All students are integrated into the postgraduate community within Durham providing a broad multicultural and multidisciplinary experience.

Chemistry: The Department is extremely well-equipped, with excellent research laboratories, extensive state-of-the-art instrumentation and world-class facilities which are listed here. They advertise funding opportunities with a wide range of companies world-wide, which has led to a many high-impact publications and significant Intellectual Property Rights. Details of the postgraduate student training opportunities can be found through the Graduate Skills Portfolio.

Physics: Durham has one of the leading Physics and Astronomy departments in the UK. Students here are offered a portfolio of courses, including dedicated lectures preparing the students for their research career in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Atomic & Molecular Physics, Advanced Instrumentation, Material Physics and Elementary Particle Theory. The Department hosts the EPSRC Soft Matter and Functional Interfaces Centre for Doctoral Training. The Department incorporates the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics, home to the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology and to the Institute for Computational Cosmology.

Mathematics: The Department of Mathematical Sciences is one of the UK's foremast research units, with interests in a wide range of areas: from Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics to Statistics and Probability. As well as receiving training within the Department, postgraduate students also have access to training networks including MAGIC and APTS.

Engineering and Computing Sciences (ECS): ECS in Durham undertakes leading research in a wide variety of engineering areas from micro-fabrication through to the development of complex computing algorithms. Postgraduate students receive School-specific research training from both academic and technical staff, having the option of attending advanced taught courses across all topics covered by the School. This training structure enables flexibility in training which can be seen in the research training portfolio.


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Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 29/09/2021
1750094 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 30/03/2020 Bruna Maciel Pearson
1763870 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 31/12/2019 Golda Mensa-Bonsu
1770987 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 29/06/2020 Matthew Renwick
1735543 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 30/05/2020 Jacob Andrew Blackmore
1764342 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 29/09/2020 Charles Murray
1769648 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 29/06/2021 Matthew Northey
1771687 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 31/12/2019 Andrew Turley
1763488 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 30/05/2020 Renju Mathew
1769567 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 31/12/2020 Ben Nicholson
1735520 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 30/03/2020 John Blackman
1771120 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 30/03/2020 Nicholas Spong
1743232 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 31/12/2019 Stuart Goldie
1748723 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2016 31/12/2019 Abby Haworth
1850137 Studentship EP/N509462/1 31/03/2017 31/12/2020 Clare Wallace
1917892 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 29/04/2021 Samuel John Raynes
1905592 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 30/03/2021 George Daly
1930923 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 30/03/2021 Jack Fradgley
1972727 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 29/04/2021 Callum Grimshaw
1888570 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 29/09/2021 Keturah Mareka Civelek
1888382 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 29/06/2021 Samuel Borza
1925385 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 29/09/2021 Paul Arbuthnot Walker
1929797 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 29/09/2021 Liam Andrew Gallagher
1929830 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 31/12/2022 Andrea Simkus
1911830 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 29/09/2021 Rhiannon Lees
1918074 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 29/09/2021 Jack Daniel Segal
1916049 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 30/03/2021 Kathleen Bowes
1918079 Studentship EP/N509462/1 30/09/2017 31/12/2021 Oliver Singh
1966980 Studentship EP/N509462/1 01/12/2017 30/05/2021 Philip Adey
1970439 Studentship EP/N509462/1 01/01/2018 29/09/2021 Giulia Grelli