The authoritative edition of the Economic Writings of Jeremy Bentham

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Laws


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Description Research Project Grants
Amount £297,407 (GBP)
Funding ID RPG-2014-302 
Organisation The Leverhulme Trust 
Sector Charity/Non Profit
Country United Kingdom
Start 01/2015 
End 12/2019
Description Jeremy Bentham : prophet of secularism 
Form Of Engagement Activity A talk or presentation
Part Of Official Scheme? No
Primary Audience
Results and Impact For this year's Conway Memorial Lecture, Philip Schofield, Director of the Bentham Project at UCL, will be

discussing the recently uncovered, almost prophetic writings of philosopher and reformer Jeremy Bentham

(1748-1832) concerning sexuality and morality.

To speak of a secular prophet appears nowadays to be a contradiction in terms. A prophet is usually understood

to be a person who, inspired by supernatural agency, speaks on behalf of that agent and predicts the future. But

Bentham himself pointed out that the original Greek meaning of the term referred in its extensive sense simply to

a person who 'speaks out', and in a more limited extent to a person who 'foretells'.
Year(s) Of Engagement Activity 2012