Quangos Revisited: The Social Networks of the Public Elite

Lead Research Organisation: University of Stirling
Department Name: Applied Social Science


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Griffiths D (2010) Academic Influence amongst the UK Public Elite in Sociology

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Griffiths D (2014) Measuring the Potential Power Elite in the UK and Sweden in European Societies

Description This fellowship was intended to explore our understanding of quangos and public elites. The relative position of academics on quango boards was discussed in a journal article, which challenged ideas of the lack of expertise found on quango boards and demonstrated that academics are sitting in favourable positions. A series of conference papers were presented, in the UK, USA and Sweden, including delegates from the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and other organisations.

A visitorship to Sweden enabled the exploration of using large-scale secondary surveys for identifying elite recruitment. This lead to a journal article and a research partnership which was continued into another funded project.
Exploitation Route There have been several citations of the paper on academic positions within public bodies, which has become increasingly relevant given the move towards Impact. The study of identifying elites from large-scale surveys will lead to further applications for funding by the PI and provide tools for elite analysis to other researchers.
Sectors Education

Description A study on the position of academics within public bodies has been cited by various publications, and in public debates, around the relationship between academia and wider public benefit. Given the increased importance of impact in academic research, these findings have been used in various publications looking at the role of academics within society and also within guidance materials universities have provided to maximise the impact that their staff can make.
First Year Of Impact 2010
Sector Education
Impact Types Cultural