Livelihood Trajectories and HIV and AIDS in South West Uganda -- follow-on funding

Lead Research Organisation: University of East Anglia
Department Name: International Development


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Agol D (2017) Complex agricultural livelihoods and aflatoxin exposure in rural Uganda in AFRICAN JOURNAL OF FOOD, AGRICULTURE, NUTRITION AND DEVELOPMENT

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Barnett T (2010) Response by the authors Letter to the Editors in Tropical Medicine & International Health

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Rugalema, Gabriel; Niehof, Anke; Gillespie, Stuart (2010) AIDS and Rural Livelihoods: Dynamics and Diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Description This grant was very useful in supporting the collection of information on how the HIV epidemic has affected the families and communities in Uganda
Exploitation Route The findings have fed into further research as well as formed the basis for a book (published in September 2013.
Sectors Healthcare,Other

Description Yes. This was described in the final report for the grant and the impact summary I submitted.
Sector Healthcare,Other
Impact Types Societal