Healthy Urbanisation: Tackling child malnutrition through intervening to change the social determinants of health in informal settlements and slums

Lead Research Organisation: Institute of Education
Department Name: Lifelong and Comparative Education


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Tristan McCowan (2012) Transforming community participation

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Pat Pridmore And The NICK Team (2012) First NICK newsletter

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Pat Pridmore And The Rest Of The NICK Team (2014) NICK Phase 3 Series 4_March 2014

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Roy Carr-Hill And Daniel Lang'o (2014) Briefing Paper 4 - Impact Evaluation in Mombasa

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Daniel Lang'o; Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo; Pat Pridmore; Roy Carr-Hill; (2014) Local Sustainable Food Gardens and Childhood Undernutrition: Evidence from Mombasa, Kenya