Growing a Regional Network to support leadership development in SMEs

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Leeds University Business School (LUBS)


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Description The importance of business schools and other support providers networking in order to deliver programmes that can be both research centred and problem centred so as to scale up the delivery of programmes for small firms that are inherently resource intensive.
Exploitation Route Government and Local Enterprise Partnerships can use this research to develop networks of Small Firm development providers that use 'principles of good practice training'. By so doing, they can scale their activity.
Sectors Education,Government, Democracy and Justice

Description A network has been established within the Leeds City Region (Yorkshire and Humberside) and the potential exists to scale the delivery of Growth Voucher and Growth Accelerator initiatives through coordination action within the region based on common principles of delivery and development stemming from the research.
First Year Of Impact 2009
Sector Education,Government, Democracy and Justice
Impact Types Economic

Description Policy formation for the support of mid sized businesses with Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Geographic Reach National 
Policy Influence Type Participation in advisory committee
Impact Policy formation for the support of Mid Sized Businesses is only at its early stages but BIS see this target group as vital to the success of their growth policy. Professor Thorpe's inclusion in the BIS taskforces, including leading one of the streams on the 'Content and Quality of programmes for Medium Sized Businesses/SMEs' places him at the heart of the policy formation process as a result of the work undertaken through the grant and the connections made with HEIs and FE.
Description The role and contribution of a continued and renewed Northern Leadership Academy 
Organisation Northern Leadership Academy
Country United Kingdom 
Sector Charity/Non Profit 
PI Contribution The Northern Leadership Academy (NLA) was established in 2006 through the Northern Way Initiiative and owned jointly by the three Regional Development Agencies in the North (namely Yorkshire Forward, North West Development Agency and One North East) and the three original NLA partners (Lancaster, Liverpool and Leeds). With the demise of the RDAs, the role and contribution of a continued and renewed NLA was discussed and a revised constitution was established to provide the NLA with a platform to grow that would not be impeded by the closure of the RDAs based at Leeds.
Collaborator Contribution Partners have delivered programmes based on action-centred, learner-centred approaches.
Impact The potential exists for this network (if funding is available) to deliver development programmes in the future. Reports:
Start Year 2011
Description Northern Leadership Academy LinkedIn group 
Form Of Engagement Activity Participation in an activity, workshop or similar
Part Of Official Scheme? No
Geographic Reach Regional
Primary Audience Professional Practitioners
Results and Impact A public facing NLA LinkedIn Group for anyone with an interest in Leadership or the NLA to be able to constribute to discussions and connect with others. The group has 37 members from across Higher Education, funding bodies and policy makers.

Section not completed
Year(s) Of Engagement Activity 2011
Description Northern Leadership Academy conference 2011 : the engagement and support of high growth businesses 
Form Of Engagement Activity Scientific meeting (conference/symposium etc.)
Part Of Official Scheme? No
Type Of Presentation keynote/invited speaker
Geographic Reach National
Primary Audience Professional Practitioners
Results and Impact A conference attended by 53 delegates from across the HEI/Private and Public Policy sectors. Addresses were given by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, a small business and a social enterprise as well as NLA partners.

The conference provided the opportunity to link with national agendas with the potential of the NLA becoming an national exemplar for collaboration.

It has had influence on the Management Charter Initiative and the guidelines.
Year(s) Of Engagement Activity 2011