Professor Christopher Carroll visit to IFS

Lead Research Organisation: Institute for Fiscal Studies
Department Name: IFS Research Team


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Description I had extensive discussions with Bank staff on the topic and was able to provide them strong guidance about the likely success (or lack thereof) that would greet various different methods they had been pursuing to get a handle on these questions. While many of their ideas about how to proceed were plausible on their face, I was able to explain to them why many of the ideas they were pursuing were not likely to be successful. (One of the biases of academic publication is that ideas which seem like good ones but do not pan out tend not to get published; this can lead to a lot of waste, as the fact that an idea did not pan out is not public knowledge and so others are likely to try it again and again and fail again and again).
Exploitation Route Specifically, I advised them against any attempt to employ Euler equation methods to project future spending, and instead encouraged a microsimulation approach in which they would try to measure the effects of policies on the income streams of specific categories of households, and then make assumptions about the respective marginal propensities to consume of those kinds of households out of those kinds of income to produce an overall effect.
Sectors Communities and Social Services/Policy,Financial Services, and Management Consultancy,Government, Democracy and Justice

Description Retiring Together? Complementarities in Spousal Labour Supply and Pension Reform (San Francisco) 
Form Of Engagement Activity Participation in an activity, workshop or similar
Part Of Official Scheme? No
Geographic Reach International
Primary Audience Other audiences
Results and Impact Presentation at the AEA Annual Meeting 2016, San Francisco.

Jonathan Cribb Carl Emmerson
Year(s) Of Engagement Activity 2016