Capacity Building for the ARUA's COE on Post Conflict Societies

Lead Research Organisation: Addis Ababa University
Department Name: Institute for Peace and Security Studies


In line with the goals and objectives of CoE of ARUA, this project seeks to contribute to sustainable peace and development goals of the United Nations agenda 2030 by focusing on the sub-theme of violence. With this purpose, the project attempts to understand why effective accountable and inclusive institutions have not been built in the conflict affected or post-conflict societies. Addtionally, it tries to understand the dynamics of the blockages of peacebuilding, with a primary focus on factors, actors, internal and external dynamics, which have undermined the implementation of peace deals as suggested by the UN's Sustaining Peace Agenda (2016). It comparatively examines factors that hinder peace at the local, national and global levels: What these obstacles are, where they come from and how they can be overcome? Hence, the research aims to contrast the local and narratives of the factors that foster direct and structural violence. By doing this it establishes a post-conflict, conflict-affected studies network comprised of African universities in the network.

Planned Impact

It is envisaged that implementation of the project objectives will ultimately lead the hub and spoke universities to acquiring qualified staff who can contribute to quality education and research capacity. The researchers in the universities will also be better equipped with improved research methodologies and techniques that enables them to undertake independent researches and disseminate their findings using dependable journals. In addition, partner universities will be able to develop better understanding of the peace blockages in the continent and provide homegrown solutions that influence policy decisions of states, regional and international organizations.


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