A Genome Wide Association study of Unipolar Depression

Lead Research Organisation: King's College London
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Depressive disorder is a very common condition that is substantially influenced by heredity. However genetic basis is complicated, involves an interplay with environmental stress and is , so far, not well understood at a molecular level. This study aims to identify genes involved in susceptibility to depression.It will have important implications for the future discovery of novel targets for new safer, more effective medications.

Technical Summary

We will carry out a genome wide association (GWA) study using a very large sample (N~4,700) of white European cases of well defined unipolar depression (minimum 2 severe episodes) and a set of ethnically matched super controls screened for lifelong mental health (N~2400). The samples to be genotyped comprise white European subjects collected by ourselves and colleagues - cases: 3,736 and screened ?super controls?: 1,500. In addition we will add GSK data already generated on 943 white German cases defined in exactly the same way as our own cases and 868 ethnically matched ?super controls?.
We will further examine our top 500 ?hits? against white European controls from the Wellcome Trust?s Case Control Consortium (N~3,000), a GSK control collection (N~4,000), and an Illumina control panel (N~10,000).
We will use the GSK comprehensive annotation of SNPs as well as information from recent linkage studies to select targets that merit further detailed investigation, including additional genotyping where indicated.
We will compare our findings with those from a GWA study currently underway in the US (N~1, 800 cases, 1, 800 controls) and subsequently will participate in a GWA combined/meta-analysis study consortium.
The study promises to identify novel loci involved in the aetiology of unipolar depression.


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Description A Genome association study of Unipolar depression and Initial exploration of functional Allelic Variation
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Country United Kingdom
Description Work Package WP8 of NEWMEDS, European Commision Innovative Medicines Initiative
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Title Opcrit+ 
Description Computerised psychiatric diagnostic system 
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Impact Incorporated in South London & Maudsley NHS Trust's electronic medical records. 
Description Identical twins discordant for autism: epigenetic (DNA methylation) biomarkers of nonshared environmental influences 
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PI Contribution This grant will support the first epigenetic study of identical (monozygotic, MZ) twins discordant for the components of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD-discordant MZ twins will be selected from the PI's Twins Early Development Study (TEDS). DNA extracted from blood will assessed using NimbleGen NimbleChip Arrays containing probes spanning the promoter regions of all known genes in the genome. The goal is to identify epigenetic factors that make MZ twins discordant for ASD, that differ
Impact This collaborative multidisciplinary project is a good example of the added value of the Centre because few institutions would have the expertise in epigenetics (Jon Mill), quantitative genetics (Robert Plomin), molecular genetics (Leo Schalkwyk), ASD (Angelica Ronald), and statistical genetics and microarray analysis (Tom Price). This research also represents a major step in the Centre's goal to create a biological foundation for environmental research.
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Results and Impact In conjunction with the Institute of Psychiatry, 60-80 GCSE level and sixth form school students attend a two day workshop hosted here at the MRC SGDP Centre. They met with a number of genetic psychiatrists, researchers, and a host of scientists from different psychiatric disciplines,and attended a variety of talks by IoP academics.

Encouraging students to pursue careers in science and psychology and psychiatry upon leaving school.
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Results and Impact 28 school students visited the IoP for 2 days, involving a variety of talks by IoP academics. Peter McGuffin gave a talk entitled "Mental illness: is it all in the genes?"

The talk took place on 19 November 2010
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