Mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis C virus and the long-term consequences for infected children.

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Unlisted


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Description Amsterdam 
Organisation Academic Medical Center
Country Netherlands 
Sector Academic/University 
PI Contribution I contributed to statistical analysis of the data and writing the paper. Data from the European Paediatric HCv Network were used in the analysis.
Impact PMID: 20718630
Description Turin 
Organisation University of Turin
Country Italy 
Sector Academic/University 
PI Contribution I provided epidemiological input to the EPHN, managed the database, carried out statistical analyses and wrote papers.
Collaborator Contribution Our collaborator at the University of Turin (Turin, Italy) was the clinical co-ordinator of the European Paediatric HCV Network (EPHN) and we collaborated throughout my fellowship to continue data collection within the EPHN and to co-author papers.
Impact Publications: since 2006, PMIDs: 16372293, 18664931, 19465871, 19481774