MRC and DfID contribution to jointly funded rapid response strategic award.

Lead Research Organisation: The Wellcome Trust Ltd


Details of the Strategic Award made
Professor Adrian Hill Oxford University
Ebola Phase 1 trial Accelerated Clinical Evaluation of Monovalent vectored Ebola vaccine
An outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has spread from Guinea to several countries and presents a continuing threat. WHO have declared this an international public health emergency. The current proposal aims to test the most suitable potential vaccine candidate for Ebola in humans for the first time, in the UK and West Africa, in parallel with collaborators at NIH, to determine its safety and immunogenicity. Successful completion of these trials in 2014 would provide WHO with the option of deploying this vaccine early in 2015.

Technical Summary

This is a partnership (MRC and DfID) contribution to an early phase trial supported as a jointly funded rapid response strategic award . An additional activity of the JGHT Total award funded £2.8m, MRC=£910k, DfiD £1m, WT£1m




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