TRIM5a and HIV-2 infection: p26 genetic variability that may influence disease progression

Lead Research Organisation: MRC Unit, The Gambia


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Technical Summary

Recent studies have identified endogenous mammalian systems that block or restrict retroviral infection. One such pathway involves host proteins that interact with viral capsid protein and block subsequent stages of the infection. The aims of this study are to examine the capsid sequence of HIV isolates, to examine the TRIM5? variability in a cohort, and to determine if p26 and TRIM5? protein differences influence replication levels in 200 patients and controls from Caio Guinea Bissau. HIV-2 capsid gene sequences from currently circulating viruses were determined by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction and coupled by nest PCR to amplify p26 region.
Title HIV sequence data 
Description HIV sequence data 
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Year Produced 2010 
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