GRL - MEROPS (the Peptidase Database)

Lead Research Organisation: MRC Human Genome Mapping Project


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Technical Summary

Since it was established by Barrett and Rawlings in 1996, the MEROPS protease database has become the major information resource devoted to proteolytic enzymes on the Internet, and the only comprehensive database of proteolytic enzymes. The work on the database has been done as one aspect of the MRC programme grant Peptidases in Human Health and Disease held by Barrett, but that will end in September 2002 on Barretts retirement from ESS. The present application seeks support for continued development of the MEROPS database in a close association with the Pfam Protein Families database. Each of the two databases, MEROPS and Pfam, has strengths that can beneficially be shared with the other, and we have no doubt that not only MEROPS but also Pfam will be the stronger for their working together.




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