Integration and Co-Development of the MCM and IUPAC Databases/Websites

Lead Research Organisation: STFC - Laboratories
Department Name: RAL Space


The rationale behind this joint proposal is to facilitate the creation of a common interactive tool for the atmospheric chemistry community through the integration and further development of the Master Chemical Mechanism (MCM, and IUPAC Subcommittee for Gas Kinetic Data Evaluation ( databases/websites. This will be achieved through the following work packages: (1) Enhancement of the IUPAC database; (2) Development of common web-based tools; (3) Integration of the MCM and IUPAC databases; (4) Online tools for communication and exchange of data. The IUPAC summary table will be converted into a more comprehensive searchable, easily maintainable database using technology used in the design of the new MCM online database as a starting point. Critical to the development and integration of the IUPAC and MCM databases will be the choice of nomenclature for expressing the information in electronic form. The development of both databases will involve the BADC in order to ensure their long-term integrity. Common web-based tools will be developed for clear simultaneous searching of both databases and easy extraction of data. The flexibility of the MCM will be further increased by making it into a more comprehensive kinetic database through the linking of IUPAC datasheets to the appropriate reactions in the MCM database Web-based tools will be developed to improve interactions and collaborations with the user community and to facilitate the exchange of new data and tools.


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