China-UK Scenario Analysis Technology for River Basin Flood Risk Management in

Lead Research Organisation: University of Nottingham
Department Name: Sch of Geography


The project involves using futures techniques - scenario analysis based on a systems analysis of the flooding system in the Taihu Basin, with a combination of climatic, hydrological, hydraulic, socio-economic, flood damage, defence reliability and flood risk assessment tools to develop a comprehensive flood risk assessment system for the Taihu Basin in East China, looking up to 50 years into the future. The project aims to:
(i) Identify the unique flood risk management problems facing the Taihu Basin;
(ii) Explore how the risk of flooding might change in the Taihu Basin, during the next 50 years; and
(iii) Identify options for Government and other stakeholders responsible for responding to the future challenges.

This knowledge will help to inform strategic planning of structural and non-structural flood protection measures and provide tools and techniques for a new Management Decision Support Framework for flood risk management in the Taihu Basin referred to as the TBFRAS (Taihu Basin Flood Risk Assessment System).


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Sayers P (2014) Strategic flood management: ten 'golden rules' to guide a sound approach in International Journal of River Basin Management

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Harvey G (2009) Qualitative analysis of future flood risk in the Taihu Basin, China in Journal of Flood Risk Management

Title Foresight China website 
Description The project team created a website which gives an overview of the Foresight Future Flooding project in the Taihu Basin, China. There are subpages on background and aims, people and institutions, project implementation, research outcomes and contact details. 
Type Of Technology Webtool/Application 
Year Produced 2006 
Impact The website provides a source of information on the project and a focal point for the project team to deliver their outputs. Impacts include requests for further information and links to publications resulting from the project.