Gravimetry survey of the Mount Meager volcanic complex using a MEMs gravimeter

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: School of Physics and Astronomy


Gravimetry is an important geophysical method for remote sensing of sub-surface geological structures and systems via detection of mass and/or density changes. Applications are both academic and industrial. Currently, gravimetry surveys are carried out using sensors that are very sensitive, but also heavy and expensive. Both specifications make gravimetric studies expensive and practically very difficult, especially for airborne surveys. A new miniature gravity sensor called Wee-g has been developed in Glasgow which is small enough to enable a wider range of survey techniques such as on drones. The two primary objectives of the research project will be to carry out a spatial gravimetry survey around the Mount Meager Volcanic Complex and continuous monitoring of the nearby landslides at Mount Currie. Both surveys will provide us with new insight into the structures and activity around each site, and also test the use case of Wee-g in such extreme environments. The work carried out in Canada in will be carried out as part of on-going natural hazards monitoring and a community outreach programme to involve First Nation Canadians in hazard monitoring.


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