Net-Zero Digital Research Infrastructure Scoping

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: NCAS


UKRI is committed to becoming 'Net Zero' by 2040. To support this goal, carbon implications of data generation,analysis, storage and dissemination from our owned digital infrastructure must be considered. This scoping project will support the journey towards environmental sustainability by improving our understanding of the
carbon 'cost' of digital research and developing adaptation strategies for managing our data as part of a Net-Zero Data Roadmap.

NERC will lead an initial 2-year UKRI-wide study to develop a survey of the digital carbon landscape, a roadmap and a set of demonstrators to ensure that our data infrastructure can achieve net-zero. Taking a systems-based approach, we will work to develop adaptation strategies for the way data is conserved, analysed and managed. This will support the aims of the UKRI Environmental Sustainability Strategy and the vision to create net-zero UKRI owned and majority funded data infrastructure, that places carbon-reduction targets in the context of broader research, innovation and sustainability goals. Our Net Zero ambitions mean that this needs to be achieved whilst simultaneously meeting the goals set out in the UKRI 'Opportunities to grow our capability' report.


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