'Value-added' Software development for the SPIRE Instrument Control Centre

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sussex
Department Name: Sch of Mathematical & Physical Sciences


On eof the major roles of the SPIRE Instrument Control Centre (ICC) is to provide software for processing SPIRE data. The data products that the SPRIE ICC currently plan to deliver have been heavily de-scoped due to resource limitations. As it stands these products will be merely calibrated time-lines. This de-scope could be very detrimental to the impact that the SPIRE instrument has on the astronomical community. We propose to investigate how to take the ICC development beyond the bare bones dta products. We will adapt existing software packages to make them usable for astronomers, so they can easilty make maps and detect sources in the SPIRE photometer data. We hope that this development will allow us to lever the necessary resources from ESA to develop this code as a standard Herschel dta reduction software package that will be provided to all SPIR users. We will also work with the ICC team at Imperial on some work-packages that they are not fully resourced to deliver including working with the instrument simulator software developed at Cardiff to assess data reduction algorithms and optimise observing modes.


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