GridPP Phase 3

Lead Research Organisation: University of Manchester
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


We will maintain the Manchester computer farm, and coordinate the whole NorthGrid Tier2 service of similar farms We will provide and maintain security services for GridPP, enabling users to use computers across the grid in a safe way This is a part of the GridPP3 proposal which can be viewad at


10 25 50
Description How to lInk many computers for accomplishing large data analysis tasks. We called it 'the Grid' but theidea is now better known as 'the cloud'. Thhis enabled the :LHC exeperiments to analyse their data
Exploitation Route Further linking of commodity computers for data tasks
Sectors Digital/Communication/Information Technologies (including Software)

Description Establishment of the Grid, for analysis of LHC data, including the discovery of the Higgs
First Year Of Impact 2012
Sector Digital/Communication/Information Technologies (including Software),Culture, Heritage, Museums and Collections
Impact Types Cultural