Observational Astrophysics at Armagh (Travel Funds)

Lead Research Organisation: Armagh Observatory
Department Name: Astronomy


The Armagh Observatory carries out research into the origin and evolution of many types of stars. Some of these are much less massive than the Sun, and have never really switched on their nuclear engine. Others started life as much more massive stars, and have burnt up their nuclear fuel. Clues to the origin and structure of both types come from studying their surfaces, from activity due to pulsation or flares, from studies of chemical abundances in their atmospheres, and from studies of their magnetic fields. As well as learning about stellar origins, studies of flares and fields help to understand activity in the Sun -- the only star we can study at close range. This grant will provide support for travel to observatories to make the observatons necessary to explore these questions.


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N. N (2010) Abundance analyses of three helium-rich sdB stars in Astrophysics and Space Science