Standard Model Physics and Beyond at HERA and LHC

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: School of Physics and Astronomy


HERA enables proton structure to be probed at distances of ~1/1000 fm: the first objective of this project would be to extend the range and improve the precision of proton structure measurements from the ZEUS experiment. A second aim would be to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying QCD processes via a systematic investigation of the hadronic final states. An analysis of the resulting parton densities will provide important input to the LHC: a third goal would be to provide experimental input for a new fitting package to be used in the LHC era. The origin of electro-weak symmetry breaking and its inclusion within grand unified theories via supersymmetry will be tested at the LHC: a first goal here would be to develop an analysis package to investigate effects within and beyond the Standard Model. A second aim would be to develop modelling and analysis techniques for the Silicon Central Tracker, a major component of the ATLAS experiment and a final goal would be to design a detector to measure the luminosity for ATLAS.


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