Space Research Centre PIPSS Fellowship

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leicester
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


The University of Leicester has a long history in space research and has the distinguished record of always having one, or more, of its instruments in space over the last 40 years. The University's Space Research Centre (SRC) was opened in 1998 and is one of the UK's leading research institutes focussed on space-related technologies. The centre has an enviable international reputation collaborating with many of the world's space research agencies. In addition to its proven ability and success in developing space-related technologies the SRC has an established track record in transferring this knowledge into industry and into non-space commercial applications. The UK space sector is thought to be worth close to £5bn annually , employing some 16,000 skilled (over 60% degree qualified) people. The sector is comprised in large part by the, so called, 'downstream' related businesses such as telecommunications. The Space Research Centre (SRC) core activities, resources and trained output are more closely allied with the 'upstream' businesses, covering spacecraft sub-systems, which are estimated to be worth some £725m. Successful transfer of technologies and knowledge from the SRC could therefore have significant economic impact both to UK industry and academia but would also attract increased resources to the SRC enabling further expansion of capacity. Appointment of a PIPSS Fellow focussed on the technology potential within the SRC would dramatically increase the rate and success of the SRC's technology commercialisation and knowledge transfer outputs. Main aims: o Increase the amount of technology transfer to industry and other institutes o Market and promote the Space Research Centre and the STFC technology transfer aims o Increase the rate and success of the SRC's technology commercialisation and knowledge transfer outputs.


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