Europa Ganymede Short Term Funding

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: Dept of Physics


Europa Ganymede Short Term Funding Following the joint NASA/ESA decision on the next outer planetary mission being to Europa and Ganymede; the pre-AO funding which STFC's PPRP panel has awarded to us can now go ahead. The original amount was 50, 000 pounds of which we received 14,679 pounds as bridging money last year. Hence this request is for the rest of the sum which is 35,321 pounds. This will enable us to set up a Magnetometer Consortium (with colleagues in both Europe and the US); respond to an ESA Instrument Development AO due out in April 2009; as well as be in a strong position to respond to the Announcement of Opportunity due out in 2 years time. It will also allow the PI, Michele Dougherty, to continue to lead the UK Planetary consortium to ensure a high UK profile in the development phase. (For any queries on the funding please contact Rosemary Young at STFC on


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