Ultra Thin Advanced Aerospace Alloy Joining Using Automated Constricted Gas Tungsten Arc

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


The proposed knowledge exchange is to transfer R&D into automatically joining by welding ultra thin wall advanced aerospace alloy small diameter tubing. Sourced directly from STFC funded research into low mass cooling systems; the technique, processes and knowledge will enhance modern aerospace and hybrid vehicle turbine manufacture by facilitating the removal of heavy fuel and cooling line connectors currently adopted by manufacturers. Reliable high strength welded joints are only achievable on thin wall aerospace alloy tubes through automated processes, all currently very costly and do not allow for simple in-situ installation of components. Reduction in the use of connectors in turn will allow for more compact turbine design and higher reliability. Savings made by the enhanced reliability of light weight connector less fuel and cooling systems will allow the efficiency gains sought after by gas turbine market consumers.


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