WEAVE Preliminary Design

Lead Research Organisation: Liverpool John Moores University
Department Name: Astrophysics Research Institute


This application is to fund the manpower and travel required for the LJMU contribution to the WEAVE spectrograph during the preliminary design phase. LJMU are responsible for the design of detector systems, detector software, on-island data pipeline software and with CASU will specify the science pipeline software and the interfaces to the detector workpackages.

Planned Impact

WEAVE will be a major facility for European Astronomy for the period 2016-2022, performing followup of science goals from GAIA and the northern SKA pathfinders (LOFAR and APERTIF). The project will provide a positive scientific impact for the UK and European astronomical communities, and provide a focal point for a more integrated approach to European Northern Hemisphere astronomy.

In addition to the academic impact, the project will benefit:

1) Local and UK industry, through the awarding of R&D and procurement contracts. As in the past, LJMU will work with local companies to allow them to benefit beyond the immediate project through the development of more widely applicable products.

2) The wider community, LJMU has a well developed outreach programme focusing on the Spaceport visitor centre, and the National Schools Observatory, and the results of the WEAVE surveys will be incorporated into these programmes, through talks to schools and at the annual Merseyside Astronomy Day.


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