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Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick


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Aaij R (2013) Observations of in Nuclear Physics B

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Aaij R (2013) First observations ofB¯s0?D+D-,Ds+D-andD0D¯0decays in Physical Review D

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Aaltonen T (2013) Evidence for a bottom baryon resonance ? b * 0 in CDF data in Physical Review D

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Aaij R (2013) Observation ofBc+?J/?Ds+andBc+?J/?Ds*+decays in Physical Review D

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Abe K (2013) T2K neutrino flux prediction in Physical Review D

Description We have made many key measurements in B physics. We discovered a Higgs boson in 2013, and excluded large areas of parameter space in beyond Standard Model physics. We have made measurements of neutrino oscillations.
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Description HIggs discovery in national newspapers throughout the world.
First Year Of Impact 2013