Space Research Centre IPSS Fellowship Extension

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leicester
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


STFC has supported an IPS Fellow at the Space Research Centre, University of Leicester since April 2009. The Fellow has been responsible for initiating a major cultural change towards the acceptance of Knowledge Exchange (KT) within the Department and in the University in general. The Fellowship programme has initiated over 25 successful KT projects securing grants and contract totalling in excess of £4.5M. These KT projects include early stage commercial ventures, spin out companies, and larger-scale, strategic initiatives to further the STFC's mission and to develop the infrastructure and extend the influence and range of our Space Research Centre KT activities. The Fellowship has further enhanced an already established track record in transferring Space Research Centre and expertise knowledge into industry and into non-space commercial applications.

The UK space sector is seen as one of the outstanding growth sectors in the UK. The sector is comprised in large part by the, so called, 'downstream' related businesses such as telecommunications. The Space Research Centre core activities, resources and trained output are more closely allied with the 'upstream' businesses, covering spacecraft sub-systems, which are estimated to be worth some £725m. Continuing the successful transfer of technologies and knowledge from the SRC will therefore have significant economic impact both to UK industry and academia in addition to attracting increased resources to the SRC enabling further expansion of capacity. Continuation of the IPS Fellowship focussed on the technology potential within the SRC would dramatically increase the rate and success of the SRC's technology commercialisation and knowledge transfer outputs.

Main aims:
o Increase the amount of technology transfer to industry and other institutes

o Market and promote the Space Research Centre and the STFC technology transfer aims

o Increase the rate and success of the SRC's technology commercialisation and knowledge transfer outputs.


10 25 50
Description A dedicated KE Fellow increases the Impact and breadth of the research
Exploitation Route IPS Fellowship has supported a number of grants applications, industrial engagement and encouraged staff to look at the impact of their research. This has now been adopted by the University's Business Development Office throughthe appointment of a Business manager with a Space focus
Sectors Aerospace, Defence and Marine,Environment,Healthcare

Description Used to inform policy in both the University and the Research Council
First Year Of Impact 2013
Sector Aerospace, Defence and Marine,Environment,Healthcare
Impact Types Economic