DiRAC-2.5 - the pathway to DiRAC Phase 3

Lead Research Organisation: Durham University
Department Name: Physics


We request funding to relocate the Blue Wonder HPC cluster and associated storage, currently at the Hartree Centre at Daresbury, to Durham, together with installation and hardware maintenance costs. This move would enable DiRAC to expand the current DiRAC-2 Data centric service, managed by Durham, by a factor of two in both computing power and data storage capacity. The new service would be called the DiRAC-2.5 Data Centric service.

Planned Impact

DiRAC would seek to continue to engage with industry at various levels, from the
provision of computing cycles for industrial applications to the
exchange of technical knowledge and shared training programmes. The
facility will serve to train young scientists in the most advanced
techniques for supercomputing. These have extensive applications beyond
academia, for example in industry and finance. Finally, output from Dirac-based
projects will be used for science outreach activities.


10 25 50

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