Latin America - UK Neutrino Initiative

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Physics


The US-hosted Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) will be the next major global particle physics project. The long-baseline neutrino facility (LBNF) will fire neutrinos 1300 km from Fermilab in Illinois towards the deep underground 70,000 tonne DUNE detector in South Dakota to study neutrino oscillations. DUNE will be the first major US-hosted particle physics experiment run as a truly international project; DUNE already has broad support with over 1000 collaborators from 172 institutions in 32 nations.

The aim of this proposal is to develop a research network between UK and Latin American institutions with the long-term goal of delivering economic benefit to Latin American countries by enhancing scientific and technological capabilities. DUNE provides a long-term world-leading project that will form the scaffolding around which the UK-LA collaborative efforts will be built.

This one-year proposal is intended as the precursor to a larger targeted GCRF request tailored to the development goals of the participating nations.

Planned Impact

The current proposal is intended to provide the foundation to a future large-scale GCRF proposal that can deliver sustainable development benefits within Latin America. The long-term aim is to enhance the scientific and technical base In Latin America through engagement with a global scientific project. This aim clearly cannot be achieved within a single year and with the relatively small budget.

This Foundation Award proposal has two core goals: i) firstly, to establish a network of UK-LA collaborative efforts in three cutting-edge areas (advanced computing/deep learning, high-speed electronics and light detection technology). These relationships will be the seeds for longer-term UK-LA scientific collaboration; and ii) secondly, to define a ten-year GCRF programme, building on the networks established in this one-year proposal, which will address the development goals in participating Latin American nations.

These goals are intended to provide the pathway to establishing a much larger project to deliver the long-term development aims. Indeed, one of the main desired outcomes of this proposal is a follow-on (much larger) GCRF proposal that will be of sufficient scale to address the development goals of the participating Latin American nations. The engagement of researchers in Latin America in the definition of this longer-term programme is essential for its ultimate success and to ensure that it is well-aligned with the (different) development goals of Latin American countries.


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