Evaluation of a three-detector Compton imaging system

Lead Research Organisation: University of Liverpool
Department Name: Physics


The project aim is to evaluate the performance of a three-detector Compton imaging system. Data acquired from the system will be used to inform models that underpin the safe design of future reactors. Modelling of the system will be performed using an existing template in the GAMOS (GEANT4) toolkit, to facilitate optimisation of system parameters and an evaluation of image reconstruction algorithm performance, prior to acquisition of experimental data. Custom-written imaging algorithms have been developed and utilised in previous projects for two-detector Compton imaging systems at the University of Liverpool. These will be adapted for a three detector system and tested. Spectroscopic measurements and imaging experiments will be performed in the laboratory. Images of gamma-ray sources of differing isotope, size and shape will be acquired, as a precursor to evaluation of the system in-situ, part of future collaborative work. The analysis will be used to quantify the improvement in system sensitivity and image quality when data from the third detector is included.


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