NMR Characterisation of the Acid Sites Within Mordenite and Ferrierite

Lead Research Organisation: University of St Andrews
Department Name: Chemistry


The aluminium atoms that create the acid sites in mordenite and ferrierite zeolites can be present in at least four different positions within the zeolite framework. It is known that different preparation methods can alter the distribution of aluminium atoms in these sites. The location of the aluminium atoms in the framework can significantly affect the chemistry that can occur at these sites. Developing analytical methods that can shed light on this aspect of zeolite chemistry are important to the development of zeolite based catalysis.
The aim of the project is to utilise molecular probes and a combination of NMR techniques (2D correlation experiments, MQMAS etc.,) to examine the nature and distribution of the acid sites within zeolites prepared by different methods. Suggested probe molecules include the organic structure directing agent (OSDA) and other 15N enriched species, alkali cations (including 133Cs), and 13C labelled molecules.


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