Unmasking the mechanisms of action of dietary bioactives in berries, cocoa, tea and wine

Lead Research Organisation: University of East Anglia
Department Name: Pharmacy


Despite nearly exponential growth in the past 20 years, flavonoid research has had limited success in realising the structure-function relationships and pathways behind the reported benefits of consumption. Initially, studies focused on antioxidant effects, without taking into account their limited bioavailability. New directions point towards the activity of flavonoid metabolites, which are much more abundant. The present project will identify mechanisms of action of human metabolites, ultimately informing the design of future interventions addressing dietary change for health benefit. Assessment will be focused on biomarkers and pathways involved in cardiovascular health. The project involves screening (protein, mRNA and transcription factor analysis, as well as functional trans-endothelial migration analysis), pathway inhibition (JNK/p38, ERK/Akt and other) and synergistic activity analysis using human cell culture models.


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