Acoustic levitation of water droplets in an environmentally controlled chamber

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bristol
Department Name: Physics


This project involves building an acoustic levitator suitable for levitating
microlitre or smaller water droplets in an environmentally controlled chamber.
The benefit of having the levitator is to prevent any interactions the droplets
would have with any substrate they were sitting on. The droplets will be
cooled at a controlled rate, with measurements being made on the freezing
temperatures of water droplets with different types of ice nucleating particles,
as well as different salt concentrations. Tasks involve building a suitable
environmentally controlled chamber which can cool the droplets without
inducing air currents and therefore oscillations, as well as developing a
method to introduce droplets and detect when they have frozen. As the
droplets get smaller evaporation will also have to be taken into account, and
the humidity will have to be controlled to ensure the droplets last long
enough to freeze.


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