Ion diffusion in ionic liquids

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: Dept of Chemistry


Ionic liquids are liquids that are entirely composed of ions, ions that move. They have been applied in a wide range of electrochemical applications, such as batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, electrowinning of metals and electrochemical synthesis. Given this wide range of potential uses and the importance of ion motion to these, it is remarkable that the mobility of the ions of ionic liquids is so poorly understood. In this project we will investigate how ions in ionic liquids diffuse and particularly how this is affected by the application of an external electric field. We will use a range of experimental, e.g. fluorescence spectroscopy and NMR imaging and computational, e.g. molecular dynamics simulations techniques to probe this important behaviour.


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Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
EP/N509486/1 30/09/2016 30/03/2022
1804961 Studentship EP/N509486/1 30/09/2016 30/11/2019 Ryan Clark
Description Impact of an electrode on an electrolyte at much further distance and for much longer time than could possibly be predicted.
Also explored the potential of a newly discovered property of ions, the charge arm. This has shown promising results in being able to describe the structural changes in ions in electric fields.
Exploitation Route If we can research the fundamental reasons behind this effect, they could be exploited to provide higher capacity, more stable and longer storage of electricity.
There is also the possibility to further explore the charge arm concept, especially the fundamental mathematical concepts behind it and its predictive powers.
Sectors Chemicals,Electronics,Energy