Magnetometry with an ensemble of nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: Physics


Nitrogen-vacancy (NV-) centres in diamond are marvellous quantum bits: we control and optically probe single spins with long coherence times at room temperature. We use these spins to detect the local magnetic field for nanoscale magnetometry. To increase the sensitivity (while sacrificing spatial resolution) we use diamonds with a large ensemble of NV- centres. Researchers in Ulm have shown how these magnetometry techniques can be used to detect magnetic signals with very high frequency resolution: better than a mHz. This has already been used to detect NMR, but only at low magnetic fields below 0.1 T. We will develop our ensemble magnetometer and use it inside our high field magnet at 6.66 T. NMR reveals the quantum structure of samples by measuring spectra. More interesting samples are more complex, with correspondingly more resonances, and higher magnetic fields are required to resolve these resonances. We have developed world-leading equipment for EPR and NMR at high magnetic fields, including the most precise EPR spectrometer ever. Additionally we do NV- optically-detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) at low magnetic fields. This project will combine these areas of expertise to study the behaviour of NV- centres at high magnetic fields, with a view to building a high-field NMR spectrometer with NV- ODMR detection.


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