Injection system of an ERL based electron-hadron collider

Lead Research Organisation: University of Liverpool
Department Name: Physics


A conceptual design of the LHeC (Large Hadron Electron Collider), a new higher energy electron-hadron collider, is currently under discussion. One option for the LHeC is a high current multi-turn ERL (Energy Recovery Linac) to be used as an electron accelerator. A key step towards the development of the LHeC (Large Hadron Electron Collider) would be the construction of a test facility PERLE (Powerful Energy Recovery Linac for Experiments). PERLE is a proposed three turn ERL with a maximum energy of 400 MeV and a beam current of 20 mA using RF cavities with a frequency of 802 MHz. The current plan is for PERLE to be constructed at LAL, Orsay, France. The project focuses on the developement and optimisation of the injectors for PERLE and then later for the LHeC considering both polarised and unpolarised options. The injectors will consist of a high current high repetition rate photocathode gun followed by bunching and boosting system and the beam delivery line into the ERL. When the polarised option is considered a spin rotator will also have to be part of the injector. The time spent doing this PhD project will be split between Daresbury and LAL Orsay.


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