Tests of Lepton Universality Using B0 -> KS0 l+ l- and B+ -> K*+ l+ l- Decays at LHCb.

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Physics


In light of recent hints of lepton-universality violation in b->sll processes, this analysis will make a measurement of the lepton-universality ratios R(KS0) and R(K*+), using the muonic and electronic modes of the decays B0 -> KS0 l+ l- and B+ -> K*+ l+ l-, with a run-1+2 set of LHCb data. This will add further constraints to possible new physics effects, such as leptoquarks and Z'-bosons. The branching fractions for the electronic modes of these decays will also be measured. These electronic modes have not been observed at a 5-sigma level by any previous analyses.


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