U U U - Understanding Unregulated Energy (usage) in University Buildings

Lead Research Organisation: University of Manchester
Department Name: Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Eng


PEnergy consumption within buildings for purposes of heating, cooling and lighting is regulated in that constraints are put on these uses by the English Building Regulations. Taken together, these are referred to as regulated energy use.
There is however a significant amount of energy consumption that does not fall into this category. This is referred to as unregulated energy use, at can be a large part of the total energy consumption.
In comparison with regulated energy, very little is known about unregulated usage patterns and quantities.
The university sector has a great diversity of space usage which makes the understanding of unregulated energy usage particularly challenging
The objectives of this project are :
To develop a detailed understanding of unregulated energy usage in university buildings and room types, based upon extensive evaluation of data gathered in case study room types and buildings.
To clarify the key parameters that affect unregulated energy use such as room function/type, equipment types and density, occupation profiles and energy control techniques
To provide predictions of unregulated energy use in response to key parameters
The project outputs are of potential interest across the HE sector and will lead to improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions


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