Investigation of silicon deposition and diffusion into electrical steels

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Chemistry


This project will investigate potential post-alloying technology for electrical steels using a coating and thermal diffusion process so that the chemistry of the material is adjusted after final dimensions and critical microstructural characteristics have been achieved. Such materials would provide game changing performance and significant environmental and cost benefits. The key questions are: what is the rate of silicon diffusion through iron materials as a function of temperature; is there a particular barrier to silicon diffusion through the surface layer; what effect do other substituents in iron have on silicon diffusion; how does the gas atmosphere affect silicon diffusion from the surface to the subsurface region. The project will use a combination of experimental and theoretical studies. Experimentally, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and Glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy will be used to study the near surface and bulk compositions respectively following silicon deposition under a range of environments and after a range of gas phase treatments. Theoretical modelling will explore the barriers to silicon diffusion in different iron environments.


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