Bordifying outer spaces for right-angled Artin groups

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: Mathematics


For any arithmetic group, including SL(n,Z), Borel and Serre defined a bordification of the associated symmetric space; this is an extension of the symmetric space with a proper cocompact action of the arithmetic group, so can be used to study the cohomology and coarse geometry of the group. For the group of outer automorphisms of a free group, an analogous bordification of Outer space was constructed by Bestvina and Feighn. Right-angled Artin groups generalize both free and free abelian groups. Charney and Vogtmann have defined an outer space on which the outer automorphism group of any right-angled Artin group acts, generalizing both the symmetric space for SL(n,Z) and Outer space for Out(F_n), and the goal of this project is to construct an analogous bordification of this general outer space.


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