Perfecting the Properties of Optical Fiber Coatings

Lead Research Organisation: University of Southampton
Department Name: School of Chemistry


The research questions being addressed are commercially sensitive and relate to the design of new optical fibre coatings that address current limitations associated with their robustness, longevity and function. Thus, the objectives of the project are to design and develop new coatings that better protect an optical fibre when it is required to function in a high-stress environment or, that add functional capability to an optical fibre at the point of manufacture.

The approach taken involves an interdisciplinary team to (i) define current limitations and (ii) resolve them in a safe and cost effective manner that is applicable to the manufacture of a new product line. The specific expertise assembled includes optical fibre manufacture and coating, provided by staff at Fibercore; and chemical synthesis, characterisation and reaction dynamics provided by staff at The University of Southampton. The novel physical sciences content of the project centres on (i) the preparation of new, rationally designed optical fibre coatings that incorporate novel chemical constituents; (ii) developing an improved understanding of optical fibre failure in high-stress environments and (iii) the ability to relate key properties of an optical fibre coating to its constituent parts.

The EPSRC research areas relevant to the project are (in alphabetical order): (i) Chemical reaction dynamics and mechanisms; (ii) Chemical structure; (iii) Manufacturing technologies; (iv) Synthetic organic chemistry.


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EP/R513325/1 01/10/2018 30/09/2023
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