Exhaust after-treatment systems of gasoline direct injection engines

Lead Research Organisation: University of Birmingham
Department Name: Mechanical Engineering


The main research topic is based on the effective design and integration of exhaust aftertreatment systems under various gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine strategies. The effects of the engine operating condition (e.g. lean/rich) and fuel (e.g. gasoline, ethanol, butanol, gaseous fuels) on pollutant emissions (quantity and characteristics) and thus, on the aftertreatment system (three way catalysts and/or gasoline particle filters) will be assessed. The understanding of those effects will guide to propose efficient engine operation strategies and aftertreatment designs from the manufacturing and thermal point of view. Johnson Matthey which is the world leader in the manufacture of emissions control catalysts supports this work via a variety of mechanisms providing (i) £24k cash contribution (ii) catalysts and aftertreatment systems, (iii) personnel time and facilities for catalyst preparation and characterisation and (iv) industrial technical guidance in the development of the technologies ensuring those are well aligned with the automobile industry. Test facilities useful for the project (engine, bespoken catalyst testing facilities, emissions analysers) and simulation tools (Ansys, AVL Boost and AVL Cruise) to carry out this project are available at UoB.


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