Ecosystem services as a tool for sustainable development of regional communities in the Amazon rain forest

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: The Centre for Environmental Policy


With ever-mounting pressures on the earth's natural resources, mankind has entered a new era of rampant climate change and the sixth mass extinction of the planet's fauna and flora. Recognition of these issues has been increasingly more present in the consciousness of the public, governmental bodies at local and international-levels. As habitat degradation continues, this poses significant risks to the societies directly and indirectly dependent on the natural resources for survival. This also offsets the chances of achieving any viable Sustainable Development Goals set forth by intergovernmental organisations, resulting in a proliferation of those in poverty.
The project aims to investigate and produce novel cross-disciplinary methods to promote sustainable development in communities inhabiting typically economically low-yielding areas. Analysis and use of consumer trends in ecotourism or ventures in biodegradable product manufacture are just some of the examples currently present in the initial research. The outcomes of the research are to: identify areas of opportunity for sustainable development, acknowledge and address issues facing burgeoning populations in conflict with areas of biodiversity, highlight the necessity for environmental consideration in decision-making, provide recommendations or implement interdisciplinary methods and evidence-based policies for sustainable growth.


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